Studio Saldana

Welcome to our wonderful studio, named Saldana after someone very dear to me. We have a love of all things fashion on the photography that works so well to promote the industry. We have provided photographic services to many different areas of fashion through our years and have now taken to designs and creating our own clothing lines in our favorite area.

We have a love for pajamas especially those that we design for families. We have no idea where the love of pjs has sprung for but we do know that they are one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing you can wear. If most people had a choice of what their most comfortable clothing is it would be their pajamas. From when you wake up in them and head down to the couch for a relax if you are spending a day relaxing it is very difficult to get out those pajamas.

We do not know about you but I am sure many of you like us would have seen people still in there pjs when going to the shops. They do have a wonderfull degree of flexibility but even for us wearing them for shopping maybe taking things a step too far.

Because we also have a passion for photography and over the years have photographed just about every aspect of life we love putting on a fashion show for our amazing pj designs. Our designs are for all the family, parents and children and we also
have some that are especially made for certain couples that we will show here at a later date.

We hope you can join us on our new journey, we will still be engaging with our photography studio and business and enjoy expanding our fashion studio for night wear even further. Lets all enjoy the ride.