INSPIRED BY // Dale Carnegie, Tony Hsieh, Blake Mycoskie
EXCITED BY // the unknown and taking risks
GROOVING TO // Hillsong, St. Lucia
LAST MEAL // $1 slice pizza, NYC
LIFE LOVE // Friends, Family, Sera

For many years I searched for what I really wanted to be passionate about. In between jobs I would travel for months at a time, backpacking all over the world. I bought a camera and I was having the time of my life. It was fun, exhilarating, uncomfortable, exciting and I was hooked. Despite a great career in D.C, I wanted to pursue a life with constant adventure. Quickly, I realized that the camera was my ticket to enter in to that experience. I quit my job and moved to New York City.

Along the way I found purpose in the work I was doing. Through the years my camera became a tool for me to be there for people, to tell their stories to countless others. That moment when I clicked the shutter to photograph a mother dying of cancer, barely making it out of the hospital and surprising her daughter on her wedding day was unforgettable. Being on a mountain top in Titanyen, Haiti capturing a pair of TOMS on my feet and glancing over at an orphan with her own pair, coincidentally, truly reflecting the amazing One For One movement was unbelievable.

When not photographing I spend that time with my amazing girlfriend, Sera, and as well working passionately with Fish4Hope, a for-purpose organization that builds sustainable communities in impoverished regions of Haiti.

I feel so incredibly grateful to have found my purpose with photography and I cannot wait to tell your story through photographs.



INSPIRED BY // life, nature, art, music, people and everything around me.
EXCITED BY // photographing something entirely new
GROOVING TO // Theivery Corporation, Pelican, Russian Circles and Biggie
LAST MEAL // Pho with tofu and veggies
DEATHLY AFRAID // freakish recurring nightmares
LIFE LOVE // my camera and my two cats, neptune & meg.

Born a pisces in Canada, I discovered a love for photography in the darkroom in high school. I followed this passion to the Hallmark Institute of Photography and found my way to New York City two years ago.

I am a pursuer of moments. I use my voice in photography to tell stories, to share what happens between movements and ultimately, to interpret our feelings into that visual existence. I am inspired by human emotion and strive to capture the heart, soul and personality of my subjects. Most of my work is photographed on location where colors shine brighter, emotions take over and a truer sense of self can be reached. I love traveling. I am incredibly inspired when I find beauty in the locations I visit, in the news faces I encounter and the taste of new cultures on each plate. Witnessing new destinations saturates my mind and expands my creativity to new heights. I feel so blessed to have found a job that I am truly passionate about.

I look forward to sharing and capturing your special day!